What Next?

SalesForce Foundation

SalesForce Foundation

I worked for the same company for the last 15 years – and I liked my job. It’s certainly an oddity for someone in the technology field these days, but it was not unusual to find people at KT who had been there for 20 or more years. Anyway, now I’m not there and I find myself wondering what to do next.

I started my tech career as a developer in a now ancient (shhh, don’t tell the die-hard DOS guys) xBase dialect called Clipper. Back in the day Clipper was a great development platform. It was relatively easy to learn, compiled into a nice neat executable file, and had very good third party support including – for all you techs out there – a true Object Oriented Programming model. Then, the company was purchased by Computer Associates and everything went down hill. Oh well.

Years later I find myself more of a business type IT person. I have not become a guru in any one particular tech field, but I have had the opportunity to work with different technologies and with different areas of the business. The result is that I’m still a decent programmer, just from having spent a number of years doing it, but in my opinion my strong suit is more around business applications. Within KT I had the opportunity to design, develop in some cases, and implement various types of systems from a PowerBuilder based Timesheet Entry system, to JD Edwards and Epicor Financials, and most recently a Web-based Training Session Participant management system fully integrated with SalesForce.com.

So, over 15 years I did lots of Project Management, design, and implementation, some coding, various amounts of network, infrastructure, and security management. As I said lots of little things but not specialized in one specific area. That is what made it interesting to me. Most of my work in the last six years was focused around SaleForce.com. And, I have to say that I really love SalesForce.com. Their product is excellent and I’m impressed with the company as well. They give out their software free to qualifying Non-Profit organizations and donate lots of money to worthy groups.

Anyway, the question remains – What Next? Where to from here?

  • Do I focus on SalesForce.com related positions?
  • Do I want to consult again – for myself; for another company?
  • How far am I willing to travel?
  • Is there something else I really want to do (like open “Mike’s Beer, Bikes, & Burgers” – a cycling shop with excellent turkey/veggie burgers and locally brewed craft beers)?

To the above questions – I don’t yet know the answers. What I do know is that I want to keep busy.  For now I’ll do some consulting on the side to help friends or contacts with whatever they need help with. In between that I’ll watch the job boards, check CraigsList, monitor the SalesForce.com community, and network using LinkedIn. Hopefully, if time allows, I’ll be able to take some online classes to improve my skillset.