Yes, I’m a LifeHacker

You’ve probably noticed that I use links to LifeHacker periodically and that I have a link to their main site on the right side of my blog page. I became addicted to a couple of years ago. If there is any one site I can recommend to check every single day – this is it.

The great thing about LifeHacker is that they cover so many topics – from super-techie all the way to basic life skills.  Looking for information on anything at all, start at LifeHacker. They regularly poll their readers for input on “Best Of” posts – Best Video Converter, Best Online Backup, Best Resume Writers, etc. The content is always clear. Be sure to look at the comments for each post as well. Readers typically add links to other sites or resources they feel might be helpful.

Life Hacker even released a book last year. You can, of course, find it at and probably at some brick and morter stores as well. Their new book – Upgrade Your Life is also available at Amazon.

Overall, LifeHacker falls into the category of GTDGetting Things Done. In this category, another site that stands out is 43 Folders ( I personally have not use 43f to the extent I rely on LH, nonetheless it is another excellent resource for the creative person looking to find helpful information.