Falling Behind

OK – It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog post and it’s just starting to get on my nerves. As you might expect, it’s a time thing. Just not enough of it – Summer is coming, I’m out biking more, work has started to pick up. All good things, but still gotta find more time to blog again.

In the mean time SalesForce.com is preparing to release Summer ’09 (API 16) soon. Personally, I can’t wait. Looks like some very exciting new features are coming our way. The 100 page Release Notes document gives you an idea of the scope of the release. Lots of work in the API and the DaaS (Development as a Service) support. There are still some missing pieces in the Metadata API needed for true migration support, but they’re getting closer. Hopefully they’ll add in Metadata types for areas such as Lead Settings, Opportunity Settings, Big Deal Alerts, Assignment Rules, etc.

On the plus side, I just got my Zune back yesterday. It was out for warranty repair for a couple of weeks. Definitely missed it.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to write up something good on the new Summer ’09 release soon.