Icons available Salesforce.com

Like many of you, when building a VisualForce page, or sometimes an Image Formula, I find myself looking for icons to use on the page. Of course, whenever possible I want like the icons to look like they belong in  Salesforce.com.

As you might expect, Salesforce.com has a series of icons available for public use, though with the exception of the “Samples” icons at the bottom of the page linked below, none of these icons are “official” and so there is always that possibility that they may disappear or change without notice.

The link below is to a Sites page that displays the icons I found by reviewing the CSS and browsing through the Discussion boards. Technically, there are many other images you can find by examining the CSS or Salesforce source, however many of these were Sprites or background images that we’re necessarily re-usable “icons”.

To get the URL for a given icon, right-click on it and select “View Image” or “Copy Image Location”. When copying the URL for the image, do not link to these specifc images using my free Sites URL. Instead, your VisualForce page should reference the relative path to the image as it’s stored on Salesforce.com’s site:

Example: <img src=”/img/arrow_dwn.gif” /> OR <apex:image value=”/img/arrow_dwn.gif” /> to render as  


Note:  Please add a comment to this post if you have found other icons that should be included in this list.