Source Code

Source Code for the projects I’ve blogged about can be downloaded using the links below. Each Project file is in an Archived Zip format from the IDE v3.3.2 with the Winter ‘09 API (v 15). Though, there should be no problem importing the projects into a later version of the IDE or the API. All projects contain classes, test class, triggers, and custom objects/fields needed to install and/or test the code in your environment.

Blog Date Blog Entry Project
Jan 2009 Dated Exchange Currency Conversion Zip File   12-March-2009
Mar 2009 Logging Deleted Records Zip File Install 10-March-2009
Apr 2009 Mass Contact Transfer Code Share Install 21-April-2009

Importing a Project into the IDE:

  1. Create a new Project in the IDE. Select “None” when asked what metadata components to add and click [Finish]
  2. Click on FILE menu and select IMPORT
  3. Expand General, select Existing Projects into Workspace and click [Next]
  4. Click on “Select Archive File” and click [Browse]
  5. Select the ZIP file downloaded from here and click [OK]
  6. Click [Select All]
  7. Click [Finish]

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